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Organic scrub made from coffee beans for a glowing, soft skin. 

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Why Body Lush Coffee Scrub?

Just like how coffee beans wake you up from the inside, coffee beans can wake you up on the outside, too. Our Coffee Scrub is made using natural and naturally derived ingredients: roasted ground coffee beans to scrub away dry, flaky skin & to target imperfections, brown sugar & sea salt to cleanse & clarify, almond oil to moisturize, and all sorts of other good stuff to help you get a soft glowing skin.

Original Coffee Scrub

We make and deliver the best all-natural coffee scrub you need to have a soft, glowy skin. Start your mornings with a scrub made from coffee beans. It's the dirtiest shower you'll ever have.

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Are you looking for a soft, glowing skin?

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Scrub away dry flaky skin, leaving you feeling soft and supple.

Body scrub made from natural coffee beans.

Customer reviews

Always looking for ways to manage my oily skin, and this scrub was very helpful. Just did my first scrub and my skin feels super soft and the coffee smells divine - highly recommended. 


I only use natural and organic products, because I love my skin. Thanks to BodyLush, this coffee scrub makes my skin soft and smooth everytime.


I use this Coffee Scrub from BodyLush. The all natural scrub, hydrates and and gets rid of dead cells. My skin feel sooo soft and smooth. I really recommend this coffee scrub! 


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